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Regan Matthews was a LuthorCorp executive and loyal servant of Lex Luthor.

When Lex disappeared in 2008, Regan briefly took charge of the corporation, but was soon replaced by Tess Mercer.[1]

Still looking for Lex, Regan captured the vigilantes Aquaman and Black Canary, who he interrogated. After the facility was infiltrated by Clark Kent and Green Arrow and it was shut down by Tess Mercer, Regan went underground.[1]

Months later, Regan returned to Metropolis because Tess was asking questions about Project Prometheus. Regan confronted her at the Daily Planet, with intent to kill her. However, Tess managed to get the upper hand defeated him.[2] Tess sent Regan to an unknown location and questioned him about the Orb, after it disappeared from her safe.[3]

  • Regan Matthews was born in 1963.[1]



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