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The Regime is a team run by Superman, enforcing the law with an iron hand. It was opposed by Batman's Insurgency.


The Regime was founded by Superman following the loss of his wife, unborn son, and the city of Metropolis. It was intended to rein in the criminal element of the Earth, by whatever means necessary. In the beginning, the Regime had good intentions and was known as the Justice League. However, as its members become increasingly more vigilant and forceful, the citizens of Earth began to resent Superman's Regime.

In an effort to stop Superman, Batman founded the Insurgency, consisting of many Leaguers who had not aligned themselves with Superman and others who did not agree with his methods. Unfortunately, Batman's back was broken and two of its members were killed in an effort to decode the science behind the 5-U-93-R pill that Kal-El had manufactured in order to make ordinary people extraordinary.

The Regime clashed with a new Insurgency, consisting of alternate versions of Regime members and Insurgents both dead and alive, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Batman and the Joker. They also clashed often with the Joker Clan, a group of rebels led by Harley Quinn. The Regime ended after Superman's defeat at the hands of his alternate counterpart and his incarceration in a room where he would be constantly bombarded by red solar radiation.

Following Superman's release to defend the Earth against Brainiac, Superman defeated Brainiac then used his technology to re-establish his regime, this time making it crueler and even more vigilant and oppressive than it had ever been. The new regime was so oppressive over the populace that scanners shaped like Superman logos were placed around areas known to have a history of crime, which detected when thoughts of possible crime entered a person's head, and sent a signal to new regime member Black Oracle, who would torture those thinking of committing a crime, to ensure that peace was maintained.[2]

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