Regina Tuttle is the daughter of King Tut, a used car salesman in Smallville, Kansas.

Though her dad wanted her to become more involved with the business, her dream was making artisanal chocolates. King Tut was given alien technology and brainwashed Regina into becoming Queen Tut and the rest of the townspeople into buying cars. Bizarro was able to break his hold and brainwashed Tut into thinking he was a chicken. Regina vowed to destroy Bizarro.[1]

King and Queen Tut later kidnapped Jimmy Olsen at the Space Needle. Bizarro and several allies arrived and rescued Jimmy. They undid the brainwashing on King Tut and convinced both Tuts to return to Smallville, with Regina deciding to follow her dream of chocolate-making. She still plans on destroying Bizarro someday, maybe.[2]



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