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Quote1 But what is light? Different for everyone. But everyone looking. See what we want to see. No matter how small... or big we are. Quote2
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Rorschach (real name Reginald "Reggie" Long) is a vengeful, paranoid vigilante taking his superhero mantle after Walter Kovacs' death. He was traumatized by the squid attack in 1985, and worked with Ozymandias seven years later to locate Doctor Manhattan, the only one who could save their world from nuclear annihilation.


When Ozymandias unleashed his creation on New York, Reggie Long was caught in the shockwave and his parents, Malcolm and Gloria Long, were killed. He was taken to Fitzgerald Mental Home where he slowly descended into madness, seeing the people killed by the monster. The staff and the other patients treated him inhumanely, which led to him attempting suicide by jumping off a roof. He was stopped by Byron Lewis, the former hero known as Mothman who had also gone insane. Reggie was caught and returned to his cell but was able to watch as Byron flew off the roof.

Over the years, Lewis would fly away and bring back contraband to the mental home. One night, he brought all of Malcolm Long's things relating to Rorschach and Lewis began to teach Reggie the fighting styles of the Minutemen. Reggie became more vicious and eventually became inspired by Rorschach. On October 11th, 1992, Reggie and Byron saw on television that Veidt was behind the monster. Byron told Reggie that the government was transferring anyone who survived Veidt's monster to a private facility to obtain information about Veidt, and Reggie decided to escape. He set fire to the mental home and escaped, but Byron returned inside to kill himself. He left Reggie a letter and tickets to Antarctica, as well as Rorschach's mask. Reggie used the ticket to go to Veidt's Karnak base, where he found Ozymandias grieving over his mistake. Reggie, now the new Rorschach, pulled a knife out and held it to Veidt's throat, drawing blood, until Veidt showed remorse and regret in his eyes, and Rorschach dropped his knife. Veidt recruited the new Rorschach, and they left Karnak.[1]

Doomsday Clock

On November 22nd, 1992, with the world on the edge of total nuclear war, Reggie reflected on the events that had led humanity to the brink as he broke into the Sing Sing Prison to recruit the Marionette and the Mime for a job.

After escaping Sing Sing with the two inmates, Reggie led them through the sewers of New York to the old base of Nite-Owl, where they encountered Adrian Veidt. Veidt informed the rest of the group what the job was: to find Doctor Manhattan and bring him back to Earth so that he might repair the damage that had been done.[2] The team boarded the Owlship, which Ozymandias had reconfigured for quantum tunneling, and left their universe.

They arrived on the Prime Earth and crash-landed in Gotham City, where Ozymandias and Reggie split up to find the world's two smartest men: Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne. Ozymandias went to speak to Luthor at LexCorp, while Reggie went to find Wayne at Wayne Manor. Rorschach broke into the Batcave, where he was confronted by Batman.[3]

Reggie gave Batman Walter Kovacs' journal, and explained to him that he was in search for Doctor Manhattan, who was believed to have left their Earth and went here. Batman feigned cooperation, leading Reggie to investigate Arkham Asylum. Once there, Batman locked Reggie in a cell.[4]

He remained there until he was released by Saturn Girl.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Reggie is a very capable fighter, having been trained by Byron Lewis in the different fighting styles of the Minutemen; making him a "one-man minutemen". Reggie did not feel that these skills were enough and went on to also adapt the extreme brutality of the original Rorschach.
  • Intimidation: Rorschach's mental instability is well known and this reputation lives on even after the death of Walter Kovacs. Reggie uses this to his advantage when he takes up the mantle on his earth. Due to Reggie's similarly brutal methods, and the distinct mask he wears, criminals mistake him for Kovacs and flee at the sight of him.

Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Due to his proximity to the "alien invader" attack, Reggie suffered severe mental damage from the psychic shockwave. For a time he was driven insane, becoming extremely violent and seeing images of those killed by the monster constantly. It wasn't until he met Byron Lewis, who helped him through his time at the Fitzgerald Mental Home, that he was able to overcome this by "seeing what he wants to see".