Sonny Terns was an enemy of Stormwatch Team Achilles.

Sonny Terns is the product of Southern Royalty. His family owned large tracts of land dating back several generations, beginning with his great-great-great-great grandfather, Augustus Terns who started the family fortune with his success in the slave trade. He first encountered Benito Santini during a hearing regarding United Nations funding of his new Stormwatch unit, Team Achilles. Terns was steadfast in his resolve to quash the unit, delaying the budget approval for quite a while. Later he would also be connected to Ivana Baiul, the UN Special Security Council, and the superpowered Arab terrorists who attacked the UN.

Shortly after the attack on the UN, Santini, along with Weiss and Tefibi, confronted and kidnapped the Senator, holding him in a secret wing of their detention facilities beneath the UN, it was during this time that 'Alias' would assume the Senator's identity. He was held in secret until the events of Coup D'etat forced Team Achilles to abandon their UN base.

At this point Santini stranded him on a tropical island on Project Entry's Earth along with Deadhead and Dhul Fiqar, two other Team Achilles prisoners. He remained on the island until he escaped with the help of Deadhead. Terns then contacted Baron Chaos and the incarnation of Citizen Soldier, and together the trio hatched a plot to finally do away with Santini and Team Achilles. Unfortunately, the plan became a dismal failure and Terns was personally attacked and killed by Flint via decapitation.[1]


  • Telepathy: Terns was also a low-grade "psychic broadcaster" capable of projecting his thoughts into the minds of others.



  1. This is summarize in the unpublished 24th issue of Stormwatch: Team Achilles.

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