Regis was one of the original Blue that made the first contact with Sliding Earth in their 16th century. Of these people, there are only five other survivors. Apparently, the alien/human alliance was centered around two poles: England, who kept most of his human royal line, and Italy, who quickly mixed with the aliens. Regis was in a position of power in the Italian faction.

Helped with the fruitful Blue partnership, England developed his colonial empire. It can be assume it was a significantly larger one than the actual British Empire. For some reason, the Italian/Blue alliance didn't develop so well, and they started to grow envious. Eventually they started late colonial wars against poor countries like Africa or China. As military leaders, Regis and his ilk were not the ones to hesitate, which they immediately utilized bacteriological and nuclear weapons. After centuries, Sliding Earth became so poisonous that life was barely possible. The new territories, thus conquered, saw their population so weakened that the surviving females were not able to stand a Blue crossbreed pregnancy. The Italian Blue were facing a serious birth rate problem. This problem may have existed in Sliding Albion too, but as the country was still ruled by the human Windsor bloodline, it was less critical. Furthermore, Sliding Albion's colonies haven't been poisoned, in which the Blue/Human birth rate was certainly not so critically low.

Regis was put in charge of finding a solution for his Italian peers. His idea was to use small countries as rape camps. His first move, in the Hanseatic Marches and China (presumably because of its high human birth rate), met a resistance where the Wildstorm Earth's England, mainly Jenny Sparks and the British Space Corps, nearly killed Regis. Nearly, because the Sicilian physicians managed to save him, leaving him just castrated. He ordered all of China's males to be killed, and all the females to be interned. Then he sent his hybrids' regiment in to conceive children. But the females were too weak for this plan to work. Their other alternative was to go for Sliding Albion's still fertile countries. Ultimately the Blues started the first parallel World War with the Wildstorm Earth by venting the bacteriological cloud that was going to kill them to the Wildstorm Earth in a failed attempt to save themselves.

Afterward, Sliding Earth witnessed relentless world wars between England and Italy, until the Ninth, where Italy won, and Regis was given the kingship of Sliding Albion.

After fifty-years of wars, the Blue society, rotten by decadency and technological stagnation, needed a new goal to motivate its people. With these problems Regis turned his attention to the Wildstorm Earth again by invading and turning it into a rape camp, where still clean land, and its female population would be able to bear Blue children. But the Authority interfered, went to him though The Bleed, over Sliding Westminster, made the palace a pile of rubble, killed Regis, and drowned Italy, still a center of Blue influence, in the Adriatic.


  • Immortality: Regis share his species' longevity and is more than 400 years old since the Blues' landed on Earth.



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