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Reign of the Supermen is a 2019 animated movie, part of the shared universe that existed in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies between 2013 and 2020. The movie is a loose adaptation of Reign of the Supermen, with elements changed to fit the larger continuity. It is a direct sequel to the earlier The Death of Superman.

Synopsis for "Reign of the Supermen (Movie)"

Appearing in "Reign of the Supermen (Movie)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Cyborg Superman (Destroyed)
  • Darkseid
  • Intergang (Final appearance)
    • Bruno Mannheim (Mentioned only)
    • Snakie Doyle
  • Lex Luthor
    • Dabney Donovan (Dies)
    • Mercy Graves (Final appearance)
  • Metallo (In a photograph only)

Other Characters:

  • Becky
  • Daily Planet
    • Cat Grant (Final appearance)
    • Jimmy Olsen (Final appearance)
    • Perry White (Final appearance)
    • Ron Troupe (Final appearance)
    • Steve Lombard (Final appearance)
    • Chloe Sullivan (Final appearance)
  • Eric (Dies)
  • G. Gordon Godfrey (Final appearance)
  • Jonathan Kent (Final appearance)
  • Kelex (Final appearance)
  • Kelor (Final appearance)
  • Martha Kent (Final appearance)
  • Metropolis Fire Department
  • Metropolis Police Department
  • President Dale (Single appearance)





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