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Relative Heroes are a family of orphaned children who try to become superheroes.


After their parents are killed in a traffic accident, the children travel to Metropolis in order to find Superman. They are hunted by three superpowered D.E.O. operatives named Girth, Napalm, and Kittyhawk.

The siblings are then attacked by Eryx, who has a marriage contract stating that Allure and he will have to spend their eternal lives together. They escaped him by pointing out that as Eryx was already technically dead. En route to Manchester, Alabama, to see Impulse, they encountered the wannabe super-villain Metalhead.

They were saved by Impulse, who takes them to his guardian Max Mercury's home. Max attempted to talk Houston around, and Blindside was mentioned on America's Most Wanted in connection with a murder.

They team stopped in New Jersey, where they met Catwoman, who helped them avoid the D.E.O. On the way to Blüdhaven, they cleared Blindside's name and met up with their grandfather. When they arrived in Blüdhaven, they were captured by the D.E.O. and taken to Metropolis' S.T.A.R. Labs., just as Chloe mutated into a humanoid shape.

The D.E.O. eventually capture the kids and reveal to Omni that he and Chloe were never in fact human or metahuman and that Cameron is actually a member of a race of alien shapeshifters known as the "Es".

The team later help Young Justice in battle against the villain army of Agua Sin Gaaz in Zandia. The purpose of this attack was to help Empress get revenge against her grandfather for the murder of the parents. The entire invading force soon fought and defeated the size-changing Queen of Zandia.

Relative Heroes

  • Houston – No superhuman talents.
  • Temper – Temper possessed powers to generate electricity.
  • Allure – Charmed by the god Eryx with mystic pheromones and other powers of persuasion in return for her hand in marriage.
  • Blindside – Adopted African-American brother who believes he is the grandson of the Invisible Hood, and can become invisible at will.
  • Omni – Adopted brother who can mimic the powers of others.
  • Chloe – Cameron's plant.

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