Remnant was a mysterious individual who holds Superman responsible for the tragedies that resulted from his first battle with Doomsday. Remnant was by appearance resembles to a supernatural wraith; however, Superman deduced Remnant to be an ordinary human with advanced technologies that created holographic illusions, that even the Man of Steel had difficulty determining whether it was real or illusions, despite his enhanced senses of sight and hearing.

To show the world that Superman is "evil", Remnant staged a series of terrorist attacks at the locations where Doomsday rampaged. He later abducted Daily Planet reporter Ty Duffy and Perry White, and implanted a bomb within a van parked on the exact spot where the Superman-Doomsday battle ended at the Daily Planet building. Superman saved White and Duffy, and the building, though the bomb was revealed to have exploded hundreds of flyers which announce that Superman is not a messiah, but rather the devil incarnate, over Metropolis. Soon after Remnant disappeared.




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