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René Jacques Brande, more commonly shortened to R.J. Brande is one of the richest men in the galaxy. He was the main financier of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

He amassed a vast fortune by making stars, using advanced technology to create suns for clients. He became one of the richest men in the galaxy, and bought a private planetoid where he built his mansion.

On a trip to Earth R.J. Brande meet three young heroes; Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. They save his life from an assassination attempt. R.J. Brande then uses his vast fortune to help fund the young heroes to create the Legion of Super-Heroes.

One Year Gap

R.J. Brande eventually runs for President of the United Planets and wins on a land slide. But his term is short lived as he impeached by Leland McCauley, who took over as President. It was later revealed that it was really the immortal Ra's al Ghul who had killed McCauley and assumed his identity.

Legion of Super-Heroes return but are made fugitves and a warrant was put out for their arrest. Whilst on the run they discovered the decomposed body of the real McCauley dumped in the sewers of New Metropolis. However they were able to unmask Ra's Al Ghul to show the galaxy who he really was.


  • Telepathy: R.J. Brande is at least an 8th-Level Telepath.[1]

  • Originally, R.J. Brande was conceived as the Martian Manhunter surviving into the 30th Century, and several hints in his earlier appearances allude to his Martian heritage. However, this idea was scrapped before a significant reveal could be made.[2]



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