Rene Lafayette was the husband of Crimson Fox (Vivian D'Aramis).

Rene and Vivian each had secrets from the other. He was a master thief and she was the Crimson Fox. When he learned her secret, he knew she would either have to arrest him or betray her principles to let him go free. He staged his death so she wouldn't have to choose. For years, he struggled to prove to himself that he could live without the thrills of being a thief. When he succeeded, he created Le Fantôme and lured Vivian back to him. He confessed what he'd done and asked if she would do as he did, sacrificing herself so they could disappear together. She agreed, and he staged an explosion caused by Le Fantôme in which they both supposedly died. However, months later Puanteur kidnapped Vivian as part of his revenge on the D'Aramis sisters. Constance and Rene joined Metamorpho to rescue her. They failed: first Rene and then Vivian fell to Puanteur, leaving Constance and Rex to mourn Vivian.




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