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Rene Ramirez was an ally of the Green Arrow as Wild Dog.

Early life

Rene Ramirez was a Navy SEAL, but was dishonorably discharged for attempting to beat information out of a prisoner.[3]

Becoming Wild Dog

Wild Dog was a Star City vigilante inspired by the Green Arrow to clean up his city. Wild Dog attempted to help the Green Arrow disarm a bomb planted by Lonnie Machin, but was thrown aside and shot in the leg by the Green Arrow and warned to stop his vigilante actions. Felicity Smoak told the Green Arrow that Wild Dog would be a good recruit for their dwindling team, but he was firmly against adding amateurs to the team. Curtis Holt went out to look for Wild Dog, and while being jumped by two thugs, was apparently saved by Wild Dog.[1]

Team Arrow

Wild Dog was recruited to join Team Arrow, but harsh training dealt out by the Green Arrow shook his trust in the team. Once Green Arrow revealed to the team that he was the mayor of the city, Oliver Queen, Wild Dog was more eager to join.[4] Wild Dog participated in many missions for the team, and was captured by Tobias Church and tortured to reveal who the Green Arrow was.[5]

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