Renee Adler was a metahuman with magnetokinetic powers living in Central City. During a visit to C.C. Jitters, Renee met Sherloque Wells, a meeting secretly orchestrated by Nora West-Allen to distract Sherloque from finding out her true motivations. Renee was initially creeped out by Sherloque's incredible deductive skills, but later reconciled with Sherloque and gave him her number, before demonstrating a small use of her powers by telekinetically opening a door, quickly noted by Sherloque.[1]

When Cicada began targeting metahumans in Central City, Renee was one of the first in her sights. Sherloque went to Central City University to warn her, but Cicada was already there. Renee used her powers to defend herself, officially revealing the truth to Sherloque. In order to keep her safe from Cicada, Sherloque took her to CCPD Headquarters to get Cisco Ramon's meta-human cure administered, but in the chaos and bustle of the station, Renee nervously backed out. She admitted to Sherloque that she enjoyed her powers and didn't want them cured, not wanting to live her life based on fear. Instead, Sherloque opened a breach to his native Earth, where Cicada couldn't find her.[2]




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