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Quote1.png Fortunately, Detective Renee Montoya is in charge. A real by-the-book cop. Sorry to say, she's no fan of mine. Of course, if they were all like her I wouldn't have much to do. Quote2.png
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Renee Montoya was a Gotham City police officer, and one of Gordon's best officers.

Her first mission was to guard the hospital room of Harvey Dent after he was poisoned and taken to the hospital in a severe coma.[1]

Some time after this, Montoya was assigned on a mission to aid Detective Bullock on a gang bust. However, the bust went wrong and they lost the criminals. The Internal Affairs Department interrogated Bullock, Montoya and a third rookie officer about the events at the bust. After telling her story, Montoya was suspended from service along with Bullock and the rookie.

Following the only clue she had, Montoya located the gang's hideout and teaming up with Batman, they captured the entire gang and retrieved their stolen money. Commissioner Gordon reinstated them immediately after the case was closed.[2]

Montoya's next big case was the capture of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, who had started a big criminal spree and couldn't be stopped, until Montoya got involved.[3]



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