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Renee Montoya was an old flame of Kate Kane.

Renee Montoya was brought up in the Dominican Republic by Catholic parents. She had always had a passion for exploring and adventure. Finally, when she was old enough, her father sent her away to one of the finest universities in Spain just to get her off the island, as political turmoil started to rise on the island. She would constantly send letters to her parents asking when she could come home but they always replied to her to stay away.

While at college, Renee met Katherine Kane and started dating her. For a while, they were both happy. But then, Madrid was bombed and they realized that they had both let their love get in the way of their duty.

They fought in the Spanish Civil War together and eventually adopted a young orphan boy named Jasón. However, Jasón was killed by a hunter named Barbara Ann Minerva. Kate and Renee's relationship couldn't handle the loss and they decided to focus on their duties rather than each other.




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