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Commissioner -- tell me you have a plan. Renee Montoya

Renee Montoya was a detective in the Gotham City Police Department who eventually joined the Insurgency against Superman's Regime.


Before Metropolis

Early into her career, Renee accompanied Maggie Sawyer to try and investigate a house believed to be a hideout for some cultists sacrificing children. Rather than wait for back-up or a warrant, Sawyer enters the house to search for hostages.

The pair only succeed in finding the cultists during a ritual however. Although Renee succeeds in gunning down one of them, the dying cultist lands on her and pins her down for another cultist to kill her. Fortunately, Huntress arrives and saves them. [1]

Renee also apparently held a romantic interest for her superior, though Maggie eventually retired from the force to pursue an office job instead. [2]

Year Two

Renee is a member of the Gotham City Police Department, and becomes concerned when Superman's soldiers choose Gotham as the first city to receive the Regime's protection. She is married to Kate Kane.

Discontent with the loss of police influence to the more violent protection force, Renee, alongside the rest of the Gotham Police Department and most of its population launch a massive riot in conjunction with the invasion of the Green Lantern Corps. During the riot, they are able to imprison Cyborg, Robin and Flash at the cost of Jim Gordon. When the Green Lanterns are finally defeated, Renee and Harvey Bullock accompany the Insurgency in fleeing to the magical world.

Year Three

Taking refuge within the Tower of Fate, Renee are the other Insurgency members meet the figures of the magical world gathered by John Constantine to resist Superman. This reliance on magic, however, causes Harvey to walk out. While Detective Chimp tries to reason with Harvey, Bullock makes the fatal decision of leaving the door of Jason Blood's home open, creating a gap that allows the Spectre to locate them.

The Spectre then vaporizes both Harvey and Jason in seconds while also mortally wounding Detective Chimp, forcing the Insurgency to retreat. Renee is later seen joining the Insurgency members in fighting the Regime forces after the Spectre locates them at the Tower of Fate. Constantine, however, lures Trigon to their location to buy them time to escape to the House of Mystery.

Unexpectedly, Mister Mxyzptlk intervenes on Superman's behalf and takes the fight to the gardens of the Houses of Mystery and Secrets. Thanks to the 5-U-93-R Pill, she is able to hold her ground against Yellow Lantern, but the fight between Trigon and Mister Mxyzptlk causes the distortion of reality itself. Like the rest of the Insurgency members, she is transported by Flash to the House of Mystery, where she is horrified to learn of Huntress's death at the hands of Wonder Woman.

Thanks to Batman and John Constantine's plan, the heroes send both celestial beings to the void, while the Insurgency and Regime resume their war on the real world.

Year Four

Depressed over Helena's death, Renee falls deeper into severe alcoholism over Batman's perceived inaction. Eventually, she resolves to kill Superman by herself and makes a small call to Maggie to inform her of Helena's death. With secret help from Catwoman, Renee is able to ingest multiple 5-U-93-R Pills, and she proceeds to defeat both Cyborg and Robin, claiming the latter as a hostage and issuing a challenge to Superman.

Superman then strikes her from behind, but Renee consumes more pills to match Superman's strength. Soon, the rest of the Regime arrive to help Superman, but the Clark separates her from the group stops fighting back against Renee, warning her that she is now overworking her heart.

To his horror, Renee dies of cardiac failure shortly after from the overdose. Bruce later arrives to take Renee's body, and Superman surprisingly allows him to leave with only a stern warning to stop his resistance.

Renee is later buried beside both Black Canary and Green Arrow.

Powers and Abilities


  • Alcoholism: Renee had a history of drinking too much. Eventually, she was encouraged to seek help and find a sponsor by Maggie Sawyer.




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