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Quote1 I've been one of you. Just because I chose the badge doesn't mean I won't do whatever it takes to keep this city safe. Quote2
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Renee Montoya is a GCPD officer and the vigilante known as The Question.

Early Career

Originally trained by Harvey Bullock, Renee became a skilled and competent detective. As a Gotham rookie, she had a brief romantic relationship with Kate Kane.

During the aftermath of the cataclysmic earthquake that shook Gotham, Renee physically put herself between Two-Face and Batman, showing him unexpected compassion. This, tragically, had unexpected repercussions; lacking the capacity to respond in kind, Dent then 'bastardized' her compassion, and nearly ruined her life in the process. The incident traumatized Renee greatly, and continued to effect her for years to come.

At some point, she left the force and became associated with the vigilante the Question, coming to consider Victor Sage to be her best friend. Their travels together took them to Kahndaq, where they met Black Adam. She saw Victor die of a wasting illness in her arms on a mountaintop and later took up his mantle as the new Question.[1]

She later became a detective in Bludhaven despite her history as an officer.

New 52

Despite alterations to history, Renee was one of a number of individuals who retained fragmentary memories of their original history, though like the others, she struggled to reconcile those memories with her new history. Notably, Victor's death was initially erased from the timeline, but her memory of it remained.[1]

Renee's relationship with Kate rekindled after Renee's return to Gotham City and well after Kate had become Batwoman; Renee accompanied Kate on at least one mission after they got back together.[2][3]

Just before Bane's takeover of Gotham, Renee was involved in a police standoff with Black Mask that ended with him escaping (aided by Apex Lex) and killing two GCPD officers. Renee vowed to track Black Mask down.


About a month later, she had tailed him to Atlanta, where Kate Kane also happened to be living at the time, having been displaced by Bane's capture of Gotham. Renee enlisted her girlfriend's help to capture Black Mask, but once again he was able to escape, this time after wounding Renee.[4]

Sometime later, Renee turned in her badge and became a vigilante in her own right, assisting Lois Lane as the Question to solve the murder of Russian journalist Mariska Voronova, and later to help discover the identity of Leviathan.[5][6][7]

While investigating Mariska's death, she re-encountered Vic Sage, whom she had believed to be dead and whom had been resurrect as a result of outside forces manipulating reality.[8]

Infinite Frontier

Around the time of A-Day, Renee rejoined the GCPD as a detective, and soon accepted Mayor Christopher Nakano's offer of the position of Police Commissioner, replacing Harvey Bullock.[9]


Other Characteristics


  • Handgun



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