Renee Montoya is a GCPD officer and the vigilante known as The Question. Originally trained by Harvey Bullock, she transferred to the Blüdhaven Police Department before returning to Gotham five years later.

As a Gotham rookie, she had a brief romantic relationship with Kate Kane. This relationship later rekindled after Renee's return to Gotham City; Renee also accompanied Kate on at least one mission.[1][2]

Just before Bane's takeover of Gotham, Renee was involved in a police standoff with Black Mask that ended with him escaping (aided by Apex Lex) and killing several GCPD officers. Renee vowed to track Black Mask down.

About a month later, she had tailed him to Atlanta, where Kate Kane also happened to be living at the time, having been displaced by Bane's capture of Gotham. Renee enlisted her girlfriend's help to capture Black Mask, but once again he was able to escape, this time after wounding Renee.[3]

Sometime later, Renee became a vigilante in her own right, assisting Lois Lane as the Question to help discover the identity of Leviathan, and later to solve the murder of Russian journalist Mariska Voronova.[4][5]

While investigating Mariska's death, she re-encountered Vic Sage, whom she believed to be dead.[6]



  • Handgun



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