Quote1 You need to do it, Kate... You need to be the one to do it, even if it destroys us all... You need to kill Batman. Quote2
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In a possible future, Renee Montoya succeeded Jim Gordon as commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department.

Titans of Tomorrow

She led the investigation into the Joker's Daughter, but they were interrupted by Batman. After a brief fight, Tim promptly killed Duela and fled before Renee could arrest him.[1]

Free Gotham

Batman later replaced the GCPD with his own police force, Pax Batmana. The Renee led the creation of Free Gotham, a portion of Gotham City that was allowed govern itself as long as they kept peace and didn't interfere with the rest of the city. One night, Montoya was visited by Batwoman, who suggested a partnership to overthrow Batman. Unfortunately, Pax Batmana ambushed them and while Kate was able defeat them, Renee was fatally shot.[2]




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