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The Renegades are law enforcement officers from the 25th Century who modeled themselves after the Rogues.


In the 25th Century, Professor Zoom perverted the legacy of the Flash to become the most feared criminal in Central City. Deciding to fight back, a team of police officers built costumed identites based on the weapons and powers of the infamous Rogues, and under the direction of a suitably senior judge (secretly Hunter Zolomon),[1][2] became the Reverse-Flash Task Force.

By the time they encountered the Flash, the Renegades were engaged in a dramatic mission - to erase crime from history, by catching the criminals before they committed the crime.

When one of their own, Mirror Monarch, was killed by someone who appeared to be the Flash, the Renegades came to the 21st century, to a time roughly 84 days before the point where it was committed, to bring the Flash in for questioning. During the disagreement, they discovered that they were not skilled enough to catch a speedster, and that their records of history were subtly wrong (having been altered by the Top in his favour). They decided to investigate further.


  • Commander Cold's face, in the one shot of it without his shades, shows an uncanny resemblance to Barry Allen. He may be a descendant, or even a future version of Allen.
  • Top demonstrated a lack of respect for the rules.
  • Heatstroke is currently recuperating from something, which prevents him from taking off his armour in the field.
  • Mirror Monarch is referred to as a "senior member" of the Renegades task force. The actual age of the task force as of their first encounter is unknown, or how many members it has.

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