Originally just four disgruntled, unemployed young Native Americans running a phony school fund scam to raise money, the men who would become the Renegades became charged with unknown energies when their self appointed leader 'Chief Crazy Horse' (not his real name) had them invoke the spirits of their ancestors in order to gain revenge on a system he felt had made them second class citizens. Tall Tree gained the power to grow to enormous size, Thundercloud the ability to to generate storms and hurl lightning from his eyes, Rain-in-the-Face mastery over water and the ability to summon rain, and Crazy Horse himself, super speed. Sadly lacking in imagination, the four immediately began using their powers to rob banks and were almost immediately apprehended by the Freedom Fighters.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


Four apparently mystical entities calling themselves the Renegades and with powers apparently approximating the Earth One team have now appeared to challenge the Freedom Fighters on New Earth. See Renegades II.


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