The Renegades were a group of rogue shamans who bartered for power with elemental demons.


But they were tricked, and their bodies were taken by the demons and twisted by the power. Roaming the continent, the Renegades brought destruction to all who encountered them.

Responding, the shamans of a hundred tribes came together from across the continent, and stopped the Renegades in the Black Hills. When it looked like they would lose, the begged power from the earth, and trapped the Renegades in an igneous formation that would become known as the Bad God Tower.

The location is known today as Devil's Tower, WY. During the Suarez Administration, the Freedom Fighters were called there by a mysterious map, and they accidentally released the Renegades.


The Renegades appear to be the post-Crisis incarnations of the original Renegades of Earth-One.

  • North - storm
  • South - fire - Mesoamerican trappings
  • East - wind
  • West - Wood

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