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Lieutenant Reno Rosetti was a traitor to the United States Army. He secretly possessed Kryptonian powers.

Rosetti came from a military family, three generations of Rosettis had served in the Army. Rosetti was seemingly deeply patriotic and proud to serve, and was known as a stickler for the rules. He served under General Sam Lane at the Department of Defense and often worked with Superman.

When John Henry Irons was captured, General Lane and Superman attempted to interrogate him but were unable to get much out of him. Rosetti took Irons back to his cell, where Lieutenant Trask, an unofficial torturer, suggested that Rosetti give him ten minutes alone with Irons. Rosetti refused and murdered Trask with previously concealed super-strength.

Rosetti planned to take Irons to an unrevealed location (presumably to Morgan Edge), but stopped off at Vault 7734, where the Army kept their experimental Kryptonite weapons, to get a weapon to kill Superman with if necessary. Irons triggered an alarm and Superman came to the vault. Rosetti filled the room with synthetic Kryptonite gas, putting Superman at a disadvantage as Rosetti was protected by a gas mask. They fought, with Rosetti consistently having the upper hand as Superman was weakened by the Kryptonite. Superman eventually pulled off Rosetti's mask but Rosetti still beat him. However, Irons killed Rosetti with a Kryptonite spear before he could finish off Superman.

After Rosetti's death, Superman suggested his radical personality change could have been due to him being possessed, as Lois Lane believed that Morgan Edge was implanting Kryptonian consciousness into human bodies.





  • Kryptonite Gas Gun



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