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Repro was a burglar who used his duplication powers. He was a rival of Catwoman.

The small time crook known as Repro was operating in Gotham City during the time when many of the city's criminals disappeared for a short time. He was one of the only two criminals left in the city with the other being The Thief. Repro was a young and inexperienced criminal who only did small time criminal activities, just enough to stay off the radar of big time crime fighters.

After a confrontation with Catwoman where he thought he had shot her in the chest, he hastily departed and ran to the Thief to tell him about it. He was in turned shot in the chest and killed by the Thief, who then dumped his body in an alley to cover his murder.


  • Bio-Fission: Repro can make reproductions of himself. His powers emerged as a result of a meta-human gene that became active around puberty.


  • Distraction: In order to maintain a large quantity of duplicates, Repro had to concentrate hard. If distracted, he could easily be defeated. The Thief used a white noise box to prevent him from concentrating and creating more duplicates.