The history of the reality known as Rest in Peace Michael Pembrook was almost identical to the history of Prime Earth, prior to the coming of an interdimensional monster called the Whisperer. The Whisperer seemingly destroyed civilization on this Earth.




  • Marc Batow and Cave Carson determined that this reality was 87% identical to Prime Earth before the coming of the Whisperer.[1] Only a handful of the differences are known.
    • The Marc Bartow of Prime Earth died over a decade ago, while the Marc Bartow of this reality is still alive.
    • The gravesite belonging to Mazra P'Thrall on Prime Earth belongs to a man named Michael Pembrook in this reality. It is unknown if this means this world's Mazra is still alive, or buried elsewhere.
      • This is also the origin of the name of the story the reality appeared in, as well as the reality itself.
    • It is also possible this reality has less superhumans than Prime Earth, as no heroes or even villains are known to have confronted the Whisperer.

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