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"Double Take": Faced with the new threat posed by the Transhuman, the Body Doubles open fire indiscriminately, trying to keep hold of their recently captured prize: Mitch Shelley.

Quote1.png My name is Suriel. But funnily enough, "Oh crap, you" is how I get addressed an awful lot. Quote2.png

Resurrection Man (Volume 2) #4 is an issue of the series Resurrection Man (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 2012. It was published on December 14, 2011.

Synopsis for "Double Take"

Faced with the new threat posed by the Transhuman, the Body Doubles open fire indiscriminately, trying to keep hold of their recently captured prize: Mitch Shelley.

Unfortunately for the girls, the Transhuman's armour is stronger than their firepower can penetrate, and he knocks the pair around with ease. This is all the more enraging for them, because the Transhuman is Darryl Roth, a senior citizen who used to be a super-villain. He befriended Mitch's father while at his retirement home, and now he's trying to protect his friend's son with prejudice. While he is impervious to their attacks, the Body Doubles' unique nature makes them unkillable.

Seeing her much more hot-headed partner Carmen getting beaten up by an old man prompts Bonnie Hoffman to call their employer and announce that their mission has been a bust, though they do have Mitch in custody. Unfortunately, she is not expecting that the tranquilizers they gave him would wear off, and Mitch rises and grips her by the neck.

Pressing her against a wall, he demands answers lest he unleash a sonic scream that could shred her head. Bonnie is confused, because he seems to be behaving as though he doesn't actually remember the Body Doubles. This is actually the case, as Mitch has been suffering from amnesia. When Bonnie realizes this, she offers him all the answers he desires, so long as he comes with them peacefully. Desperately wanting those answers, Mitch agrees.

The two of them break up the ongoing fight between Carmen and Darryl, and then Bonnie calls her employer - a horribly disfigured man called 'Hooker' - to notify him of their success. Darryl pulls Mitch aside and begs for help. He reveals that he is not actually a senior citizen. He is a 19-year-old, and his suit has been draining him of his life force, making him appear much older. He needs help to get his life back. With this in mind, Mitch insists that Darryl be allowed to come with them.

Before they can go, however, they are visited by the angel Suriel, who has come to claim Mitch's soul. Naturally, Mitch refuses to go with her, but she responds that his ability to cheat death has made him a very hot commodity, and it is likely that any of his companions might sell him out in exchange for a normal life. Darryl may want his youth, the Body Doubles may want their normal, mortal lives back.

In response, Mitch unleashes his sonic scream on the angel. She is annoyed at most, but Mitch is undeterred, and blasts her again. She sends a bolt of lightning down to knock him back, and he angrily screams at her a third time. Particularly annoyed this time, Suriel brings down heavenly fire, and disintegrates Mitch's body. Darryl and the Body Doubles are horrified, and Suriel remains relatively unconcerned that she has apparently killed the unkillable.

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