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"Dead Heat": Hiding in the bushes, the Body Doubles report back to their superior, Hooker, with the news that the Suicide Squad has intercepted their target: [[Mitchell Shelley II (Prime Earth)|Mitch Shel

Quote1.png Do I look like I'm kidding you, Deadshot? I look like I'm hot as roquito sauce. I look like something you can't never afford. I look like I'm carrying a stupid-ass big gun. But I am quite sure I do not look like I am joking. Quote2.png
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Resurrection Man (Volume 2) #9 is an issue of the series Resurrection Man (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 2012. It was published on May 9, 2012.

Synopsis for "Dead Heat"

Hiding in the bushes, the Body Doubles report back to their superior, Hooker, with the news that the Suicide Squad has intercepted their target: Mitch Shelley, the Resurrection Man. Annoyed, Hooker gives full authorization to prevent Amanda Waller's team from collecting Shelley.

Meanwhile, Deadshot has plans to chop Mitch's corpse up with a chainsaw in order to prevent him from resurrecting. Before he can do this, the Body Doubles approach with their weapons armed, demanding that he hand Mitch over. Deadshot responds that his handler won't allow it, and the girls respond that their handler has authorized them to fill him with bullets in that case. Sighing, Deadshot suggests that their handlers should speak to each other before something dumb happens. Just then, Mitch wakes up.

This time, Mitch has come back with the ability to shift his body into a poly-alloy; a liquid metal. He is impervious to Deadshots bullets, shells from the extraction team's tanks, and more bullets from the Body Doubles. Grabbing Bonnie, and slamming her up against a tree, Mitch expresses his feelings of distrust for her, after she promised they would help him. He doesn't believe her excuses anymore.

Mitch grabs Deadshot, and demands to know what has happened to Kim Rebecki. Deadshot responds that Kim was hired by Waller, but Mitch knows that she hadn't known what she was getting into. He uses his new abilities to create a shell of poly-alloy around Deadshot, controlling his movements. Using Deadshot as a vehicle, he will get to the Suicide Squad's headquarters, and find Kim.

After having called Amanda Waller to convince her to give up, Hooker uses her phone to pin-point the location of her field-ops centre, and sends the Body Doubles after Mitch.

Mitch and Deadshot arrive at the field-ops centre to find the rest of the Suicide Squad standing in their way. Waller can't let it look too easy - she can't let Mitch realize that she wants him there. So, the Squad attacks Mitch. Watching with Waller, Kim proposes a deal. She has Waller let her go, and runs outside to convince Mitch to let Deadshot go, and transform back into his human form. Mitch trusts her, so he resumes his flesh and blood form, only to be shot in the head by Waller. With Mitch incapacitated, Waller has her scientists cut off one of his hands, and then lets him go with Kim, as agreed.

Afterwards, Waller calls Hooker, and lies that Mitch managed to escape. The hand was all she needed to complete her project. Meanwhile, Mitch thinks Kim will lead him to the lab and to the answers he seeks. Every answer he finds is a slap in the face to Hooker, so that works in Waller's favour. Kim has also been outfitted with a nanobomb, meaning that if Waller needs Mitch on her side again, she has Kim as a hostage at all times. All the better, given that Kim is obviously in love with him.

Kim wakes in the woods next to Mitch, who has been sitting awake for a few hours. Mitch is not oblivious to the change in his hand, but he doesn't know what to make of it. He has also been wondering whether he can trust his companion. She admits that he has no reason to trust her, but he should give her a chance to earn that trust. He suggests that she can prove she is trustworthy by taking him to the lab. She agrees, scratching an itch in her neck.

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