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Rex Luthor is an alien teen inspired by Lex Luthor. He set up the Injustice Army to fight the Super Sons.

Born on a planet that admired Earth's heroes, Rex Luthor more so admired the villains, considering them the true heroes. He decided to start with Joker Jr., murdering his roommates's parents, and dousing him with chemicals, until J.J. pretended to comply. He then sought out people with his ideology, forming the Gang, and began his plan: to get the Hypercube.

He and the Gang stole a ship from their people, and picked up Brainiac 6 to complete their Gang. They then began their plan to target the Super Sons, to begin their conquest against the heroes.

Rex deployed Shaggy Boy as a diversion, and incapacitated Robin with a constricting material, then using Gold Kryptonite and the Puppeteer to manipulate Superboy via his belt's force field to retrieve the Hypercube from the Fortress of Solitude.

He then attempted to kill the Puppeteer, who had outlived his usefulness, before Jon jumped in the way. He still killed the Puppeteer, however. Rex was then surprised when the Super Sons broke out, and it was revealed that Joker Jr. was a traitor to the Gang. He brought Brainiac 6 and Shaggy Boy with him to apprehend the boys, and sent Ice Princess and Kid Deadshot to get him.

To his surprise, they came across not only Robin, but due to the effects of the synthetic kryptonite having turned red, Superboy Red and Superboy Blue. Despite this, and taking advantage of the fact that the now split Superboys couldn't stand each other instinctively, he had the Gang attack but not before having Brainiac 6 return to fly the ship.

In the ensuing struggle, the ship was damaged, sending them careening to a nearby planet. Rex rushed to help Brainiac gain control, only to find Robin had incapacitated the Coluan. Despite Brainiac 6's attempt to distract Robin, the Boy Wonder swiftly beat them both.



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