Millionaire Rex Tyler decided to become a hero to do "good work", becoming Hourman.

In his heroic career he prevented 17 murders, 23 attempted rapes, 9 armed robberies and at least 5 acts of "wanton madness that would have resulted in mass destruction."

However, Hourman was wanted by federal authorities during the height of the Cold War and the government's mistrust of masked vigilantes. Rex was chased by Coast City policemen in Gotham City. The chase ended in the death of four policemen when their chase landed on a unsteady fire escape railing that cause them to fall to their deaths. Hourman was listed among the dead, and his funeral was attended by those who were saved by him.

But this was later revealed that Hourman survived and was arrested, and his supposed death was a cover. He and among other "mystery men" were interned in Nellis Air Force Base.[1]

Since the death of The Centre, Tyler and other arrested heroes presumably been released as the public regained their trust on their heroes again.



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