Rexa's mother was a human adventurer on a quest to kill an ogre. Unfortunately the ogre she tried to kill was stronger than her, and as she survived him raping her afterwards he kept her for some time. She also survived the pregnancy but having twins she didn't survive the birth [Smax #2].

Jaafs and Rexa grew up with their father until they were 13 years old. When the twins were 13, the ogre started to sexually abuse Rexa. When it happened, Jaafs couldn't do anything but as the night fell, he killed their father and they ran off. The twins wandered in the forest, until they were found by Mack and Minka who took them in [Smax #2].

The twins grew up and she and Jaafs were close and also intimately involved as this was normal in their world. Then Jaafs got the job of saving a virgin from Morningbite. Things went wrong and the virgin died. Defeated Jaafs went back and left his home world [Smax #2], and did not return until years later, when Mack had died and he attended the funeral [Smax #1].

After the funeral, Jaafs and Rexa gathered a group and went on a quest to kill Morningbite [Smax #3]. The group on the quest succeeded in killing Morningbite and after the quest Rexa went with Jaafs back to Neopolis where they started living together [Smax #5].

Five years later in 2005, Rexa had joined the police as a rookie at Top 10 [Top 10: The Farthest Precinct #1].


Rexa has strength and durability comparable to her brothers but the concussive energy blasts fired from her chest are stronger than his.



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