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Rhea Jones, alias Lodestone was a member of the Doom Patrol with control over the electromagnetic spectrum. Sheer range of her powers made her an extremely formidable opponent, although this was tempered by her inexperience. She would later undergo a metamorphosis, and turn into an entirely new form known as the Pupa.



As a young child, Rhea was left orphaned in a tragic accident. Her mother perished in a car crash, while her father was on a classified operation for the United States Air Force. Sneaking onto the decommissioned base where he was engaged in a nuclear extraction, she was only barely in time to watch her father blown to bits by an electromagnetic blast, which she was caught in as well. Although it didn't kill her, she gained strange new powers from it and this unlocked her meta-gene. Rhea found herself in control of the electromagnetic spectrum through a strange connection, which she could also use to cultivate super-strength, invulnerability, and super-agility as well as a number of other magnetic constructs. Unfortunately, with no other home, she was subject to a number of tests and experiments performed upon her by military doctors. Eventually, she took the only escape she could find and used her powers to travel with a circus, becoming an informally trained acrobat.[1] Eventually, Arani Desai heard of her abilities and invited her to join the second incarnation of the Doom Patrol to become a full-fledged hero and hone her abilities.[2]

Doom Patrol

Following the Dominator led Invasion of Earth and the explosion of their Metagene bomb, Rhea was left comatose and remained in that state for some months. Doom Patrol leader Niles Caulder eventually determined that the comatose Rhea was mutating into a new form. When she awoke, Rhea had become something not quite human-a Lodestone, a being operating in harmony with the Earth's magnetic field. Her appearance had also drastically changed-she was now without a face, though she had eyes on her chest and back, and she floated constantly above the Earth rather than touching it. Rhea herself seemed totally unconcerned by her transformation, her perception of the world having changed along with everything else. Lodestone assisted the Doom Patrol against the alien Geomancers, then left Earth to seek her destiny in the stars.



  • Rhea is technically the first girl Garth has shown any interest in after the death of Tula. When Aqualad assisted the Doom Patrol during the Invasion, Lodestone was attracted to Garth and flirted with him, saying he ought to get her phone number after the Invasion was stopped. Garth smiled and said, "Count on it!" [3] However, Rhea is left comatose after the Invasion and later transforms and leaves Earth before anything could ever actually flourish between the two.
    • The first person Garth genuinely pursues romantically is Dolphin, whom he later marries. Garth's flirtations toward Rhea could be deemed as playful banter rather than genuine interest, given that he neither sees nor mentions her again.



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