Rhino and his pal Mugsy were two strong guys looking for work in Gotham City. When a new villain named Arnold Wesker asked for assistance with his plan, Mugsy and Rhino volunteered.

When the two guys met Wesker for the first time, they were surprised to see that Wesker was working with a puppet named Scarface. Rhino actually supported working for the excentric ventriloquist, but his pal refused to work for a freak. Scarface immediately put Mugsy in his place by almost killing him. Both Mugsy and Rhino then agreed to work for Wesker with no question.

In Scarface's first stop, the Aviation Museum, the Batman arrived and began to fight Mugsy and Rhino. The two henchmen overpowerred the hero and left him to die on a runaway exhibt.

At their next location, Mugsy and Rhino were desginated to wait in the getaway car, prepared for their escape. The Batman arrived again, and the henchmen arrived inside the factory to help their boss. This time, they were defeated by the Dark Knight and taken to prison. Scarface and Wesker escaped, however, and continued their plan without their henchmen.



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