Ri was a warrior from China who was the member of the Zhuguan and later the Justice Society of America.

Ri was the member of the Zhuguan, a group of warrior dedicating to fighting the warlord Huairen.[1] She had powers to heal others, which came from a mysterious elixir, and was focused using a totem drawn on her chest.[2] When Bruce Wayne while traveling around the world to train in his early days, made his way into the Xinjiang province of China, he found a badly burnt woman in a destroyed village called Waiguo. He learnt from a survivor that the man responsible for it was Huairen, who wanted to conquer the land. Tracking down the trail of his army, he found his base at a fort built on a mountaintop and guessed he must have been bribing the Chinese government. Ri spotted him when he sneaked in and alerted Guanxi to it.[3]

Ri herself had been reconnoitring Huairen's fortress and knew Bruce would die fighting the warlord despite his impressive fighting skills. Despite wanting to rescue him, she was ordered to withdraw by Guanxi, who didn't want to risk his plans to take down Huairen for one person.[4] Back at the Zhuguan camp, she argued with him as he told her she was needlessly worrying that he was dead and that saving everyone else was more important when she stated that they had a duty to save innocent like of Bruce. She stated that she would have revealed their locations and intentions if it meant saving him, to which he responded that it was good she wasn't the leader.[1]

Guanxi's group attacked Huairen's fortress the next morning and Ri realized that Bruce was still in the vicinity. When Guanxi however told her that he was actually dead, she found him burning and dragged him out of the fire. She successfully utilized her powers to fully heal him, since he was still alive, and even managed to grow his amputated arm back, which left her extremely exhausted. Guanxi saved her from being killed by one of Huairen's men after telling Sudu to fight the warlord. Guanxi's warriors had to withdraw after Sudu was killed at the hands of Huairen and Bruce later learnt who the Zhuguan were.[1]

Guanxi later started training Bruce, who won a match against the Zhuguan by using Ri as a human shield to block their attacks. She later told him that he was impressed by him and wanted him to replace Sudu, but Bruce stated that he didn't want to be part of any group. He later learnt from her that all the Zhuguan focused their powers using totems. Later during a vote, Dao voted against letting him join their fight against Huairen, but Ri voted in favor since they needed all the manpower they could get. Guanxi ultimately allowed him to join. Bruce later learnt from her that their powers came from an elixir which he was offered and accepted, before gaining powers to disappear.[2] He then took on the name of the "Dark Knight" and designed a totem to channel his powers.[5]

When Huairen and his forces attacked the Zhuguan encampment, they were showered by arrows fired by Dao. Guanxi fought Huairen alone and was nearly killed, after which the warlord berated the Zhuguan for being foolish enough to send their leader alone to fight him. Ri however revealed it was just a trick, allowing Bruce to stab him with a sword from behind. She then saved Guanxi who still had some life left. As Bruce told her to save Huairen, he learnt that she was exhausted and realized Guanxi had planned it in advance so the warlord will die. He however saved him with CPR and told Ri to heal him when she regained her strength, while leaving in disgust. She promised to do as he asked, but he started experiencing withdrawal as he left. She gave him the elixir, but he rejected it after learning it was a modified form of opium and left the group, despite her trying to convince him to stay.[5]

Ri later joined forces with the Justice Society of America and came to the defense of Monument Point against Doctor Chaos, who was killing people with micro-bombs. The group fought him but were unable to beat him as there more powerful heroes were busy in finding his bombs. He would however be soon taken down by Power Girl, after the bombs were dealt with. Though she and Darknight were initially unsure, they decided to become permanent members.[6] Though Lightning had been killed by Doctor Chaos, Doctor Fate had transported her soul to the dimension of Infinite Plain before she died. Fate, Alan Scott and Blue Devil succeeded in helping her soul return to the mortal plane which allowed Ri to use her powers to revive her body.[7]


  • Weaponry: Ri is a skilled weaponry in fighting with a trident.[8]


  • Drug Addiction: She needs to consume her elixir regularly to avoid withdrawal.


  • Elixir: A modified form of opium which gives her powers.[5]
    • Healing: Her powers allow her to heal any injury, regenerate body parts and even revive dead people as long as their soul is on the mortal plane.[1][7]




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