Ricardo is a longtime companion of Danny the Street, having accompanied him since he was a cabana. Because of this, Ricardo has acted as an ally to the Doom Patrol.

Ricardo befriended Danny when he was a cabana on Oolong Island some time ago. Eventually, the two became separated as Danny traveled through space with Jane as Danny the Brick.

However, when Danny returned to Earth, having been used to kill the superhero god Ahl, Ricardo scoured every brick he could get his hands on to find the real Danny. [1]

Eventually, the two were reunited and teamed up with the Doom Patrol to stop Vectra and the Brotherhood of Nada.

However, Ricardo would seemingly be killed when the group broke reality and landed in Retconn, but his essence was scattered around the universe and landed in Mystery Beach, the home realm of Flex Mentallo.

Ricardo took on a new alias - the Cabana Man - and used his massage powers to heal the residents of the beach, temporarily reuniting with the Doom Patrol when they visited the beach for vacation.


  • Healing: Using a special magical jelly and his own application technique, Ricardo is able to heal people with massages.



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