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Quote1.png From now on, nothing happens in this city anymore unless I want it to. So he can either follow the new rules, or I'm afraid there won't be room for him here anymore. Quote2.png
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Richard Dragon is a Seattle-based crime lord, as well as the founder of a criminal gang calling themselves the Longbow Hunters.


His father was Ricardo Diaz, who once ran a criminal empire in Seattle. When he was a boy, he saw his father humiliated and exposed by Green Arrow and John Diggle. Craving revenge and power, he left the city to train with the League of Assassins, specifically under the first Richard Dragon, who taught him everything he knew. Though he tried to teach Diaz compassion as well, that lesson was lost on him, and Diaz killed his mentor, taking his alias for his own, and return to take back the city for himself.[1]

Upon his arrival, he began to take over the major gangs in Seattle by killing off their leaders. Among them were Jin Fang of Chinatown and Jimmy MacGowan, who controlled the waterfront. He allied himself with Billy "The Clock King" Tockman, who controlled the street corners.[2]

Warning to Green Arrow

During Count Vertigo's attack on Seattle Richard Dragon intercepted Shado on her way to fight the super-villain and easily defeated her. Before he beat her, he told her to deliver a message to Green Arrow. The message was that nothing more would happen in Seattle without his say-so. There was an ultimatum: Arrow could either follow the new rules, leave, or die.[3]

The Longbow Hunters

When Green Arrow returned from his battle with the Outsiders in Prague, he learned that Dragon had assembled a team of D-list super-villains including Count Vertigo to collect a bounty of several million dollars on his head. They called themselves the Longbow Hunters.[4] While Oliver was forced to contend with the likes of Red Dart and Brick, Dragon had kidnapped John Diggle, from whom he learned that his father's downfall was not at the hands of Green Arrow, but at those of Diggle himself.[1]


  • Martial Arts: Dragon is extremely adept in combat, to the point of being able to analyze and pinpoint weaknesses and strengths in opposing combat strategies instantaneously and adapt accordingly.
  • Peak Human Condition: Dragon's physical conditioning is at the peak of human potential. He was strong enough to lift a grown man with a single arm and hurl him off of a building.[2]
  • Tactical Analysis: Richard Dragon is capable of analyzing complex combat strategies, including fighting at least two people simultaneously, in his head instantaneously.



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