Quote1 You made some moves, and I made some moves. Queen is under indictment now, his team is fractured in a million pieces, and this city... Ah, this city. It's prime for a takeover. See, guys like you never understand these things. Why destroy a city, when you can take it over? Quote2
-- Ricardo "The Dragon" Diaz src

Ricardo Diaz, also known as The Dragon, is a crime lord who had seized control over Star City. He is also a member of the elite criminal empire known as the Quadrant.[1]

Early Years

As a child, Diaz grew up in an orphanage. While there he had claimed to have fought for every scrap of food he could get and was tortured by an older child, named Jesse.[1]

Diaz eventually joined a group called the Scorpions and would eventually begin operating his own organization, manufacturing a steroid derived from Vertigo.[2]





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