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Quote1 Think you're so tough 'cause you spent five years in hell? I was born in it. Quote2
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Ricardo Diaz, also known as The Dragon, was a crime lord who had seized control over Star City. He is also a former member of Task Force X, Helix, and the elite criminal empire known as the Quadrant.[1]


As a child, Diaz grew up in the Zandia Orphanage after his father's death. While there he had claimed to have fought for every scrap of food he could get and was tortured by an older child, named Jesse.[1]


Diaz eventually joined a gang called the Scorpions and would later begin operating his own criminal organization, manufacturing a steroid derived from Vertigo.[2]

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Diaz with the Helix

By mid-2017, Diaz planned to conquer Star City's underworld, hiring Karl Iscove to kill Cayden James' son and manipulate him into thinking the Green Arrow did it. Diaz then joined Helix; Cayden's cabal along with Sheck, Vigilante, Anatoli Knyazev and Black Siren to destroy Team Arrow, (without Cayden knowing that he had killed his son.) To leave no Anatoli Knyazev, Diaz later killed Karl. Diaz also used Helix resources to bribe and blackmail various politicians, judges, police officers to work for him. After Cayden was arrested by Star City Police Department, Diaz revealed the truth to him and killed him, taking over as the new leader of the organization.

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After a mission with the Task Force X, Diaz was taken back to Slabside Penitentiary, where he was burned to death by Emiko Adachi to prevent him from revealing more information on the Ninth Circle.[3]



Other Characteristics


  • Strength Drug[4]
  • Sonic Dampening Device[7]
  • Quadrant Ring[1] (Formerly)


  • Diaz has tattoos of dragons around both sides his neck, his left shoulder and his back, as a reference to his comic book counterpart.
  • When incarcerated, Diaz's prison number was 0713.[8]



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