Richard Barrison was a Television Producer who created the series Starrior, a jaded cynical angry man with several ex-wives and kids from previous marriages. His childhood friends growing up in Chicago often pretended to be the Justice League playing games, and Ricky was always Batman until he outgrew them and started smoking cigarettes. His best friend was Mike Reilly, Superman. Spending years drifting apart from each other, the gang was called together again by their rich friend Bernie Epstein who set up an elaborate adventure for them. They were forced to wear costumes and travel around New York City, as a way of getting them to rediscover the heroes inside of them. This adventure reminded Richard that even though his personal life was messed up, his television programs still created an inspiring philosophy and legacy that preached tolerance and imagination. He then marries his childhood friend Karen Steuben, who played as their Wonder Woman, with the realization that they had been in love for many years. They have a daughter together and name her Diana Barrison.[1]



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