Dick Brinke, also known as Torminox, was the father of Casey Brinke in the comic book created by Danny the Street. In the story, Dr. Brinke contracted a disease called "Torminox" that caused him to go insane and oppose his daughter and ex-wife as their greatest enemy before being defeated by Casey.

However, after Danny gained the power to actually create life from his thoughts, the sentient street accidentally brought his character Casey to life and allowed her to escape into the real world, not knowing how she came to be. Once this news got out, the villainous intergalactic organization known as Vectra hunted Danny down and tortured him to create people that they could sell as cheap meat in a fast food restaurant. In his pain, Danny brought the character of Torminox to life, who then went on to commandeer the organization of Vectra as his own.

Continuing their mission, Torminox continued to attack Danny, before the street summoned Casey from her mundane life in the real world to save him from her father. With the Doom Patrol's help, Torminox was defeated and, after being reunited with his ex-wife (also brought to life by Danny), she and he dissipated into a ball of light. [1]



  • Illness: In Dick Brinke's fictional comic book history, he contracted the illness known as "Torminox" that caused him to become so hideous and his mind to warp, taking the illness' name as his own. [2]



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