Richard Dragon is one of the world's greatest martial artists. His teacher was the legendary O-Sensei, who gave him the Dragon's Claw as a totem. In his early years he was an adventurer who traveled the world with his closest friends, Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva. Barney Ling has also used him as an agent of G.O.O.D.. He later retired to live alone in the woods, where he would become a mentor to any heroes who sought him out. In the New 52 reboot he was usurped by his apprentice, a crimelord named Ricardo Diaz. This character is an enemy of Green Arrow who leads a team called the Longbow Hunters. Richard Dragon was created by Dennis O'Neil and Jim Berry as the protagonist of their 1974 novel Dragon's Fists. O'Neill later adapted Dragon as a DC Universe character in Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #1. (1975)

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