Richard Faulkner was an industrialist who created a hi-tech underground drill called Earthmover One. Contracted by the government, he demonstrated the Earthmover's capabilities in an underground cavern in New Mexico. The intent of Earthmover One had been military in nature, in which tunnels would be created which would allow military personnel to be deployed anywhere on Earth more quickly than current existent methods of transportation. During the demonstration, Richard was exposed to a bizarre chemical known as Quixium that altered his body chemistry, transforming him into various elements, but best being described as now having the appearance of a humanoid diamond. He immediately grew power hungry and slew everyone who witnessed his miraculous transformation.

Richard's girlfriend Veronica was extremely impressed with his transformation and begged him to take her down into the tunnels to see the Quixium pool. Faulkner was reluctant to do this, partly out of desire to keep secrecy (which drove him to murder the witnesses to his transformation), but also out on concern that Quixium may have unpredictable results. Giving in to Veronica's protests, Richard took her to the Quixium pool, where she intentionally exposed herself in an attempt to become a "diamond woman", or feminine version of Richard. Richard's fears were well-founded, as Veronica's body did not have the same constitution as Richard's, and her transformation was less efficient. While transforming, she froze, and her body shattered, leaving only her petrified head.

During the venture, Faulkner discovered the subterranean world of Strata. He decided to conquer this realm with his Earthmover One drilling machine. Ultimately, this venture brought him into conflict with Strata's champion, Terra. Faulkner blamed Terra and her ally Geo-Force for the accidental death of his girlfriend, Veronica. Terra managed to defeat him and left him in the care of the citizens of Strata who were able to convince him no one was responsible for Veronic except herself, then agreed to help him by endeavoring to find a way to extract the Quixium compound from his body.


Personal arrogance, lack of concern for others (except Veronica), willingness to commit murder for selfish purposes


Earthmover One


Earthmover One


Earthmover One



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