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Richard "Rick" Flag, Jr. is an elite soldier and government agent working with the Suicide Squad. Flag was the team's field commander, and he accompanied them on all covert ops missions.

The son of a Vietnam War veteran and grandson of a member of the World War II-era incarnation of Task Force X, Richard Flag, Jr. served the United States of America as a Navy SEAL and rose to the rank of colonel. He was awarded with a Purple Heart, Silver Star Medal, and, for actions in Afghanistan, the Medal of Honor, but refused to comply with an order he believed would result in the deaths of the soldiers under his command. For this, Flag was imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, while his men, deployed without him, died as he had predicted.[1]

When Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad was threatened with decommissioning by United States President Barack Obama, she recruited Flag as its field leader in the hopes of lending the team of government-controlled supervillain convicts accountability and discipline. Securing his release, she had Flag follow squad members Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and Harley Quinn into an abandoned Mongolian city to recover Mark Ljungberg, inventor of a superpower-granting Metagene bomb, from the criminal organisation the Dogra War. Taking control of the squad, Flag ordered Deadshot to kill Ljungberg to keep him from the criminals, and Harley Quinn to trigger the bomb, negating the abilities of the Dogra War's superhuman forces. The playing field leveled, Flag joined the Suicide Squad on the ground in combat against the powerless criminals.[1]


  • Firearms
  • Leadership: Rick Flag was the field leader of Task Force X for an extended period of time. Task Force X was largely comprised of chaotic criminals who weren't used to following orders, however due to Flag's excellent leadership the team was turned into an effective covert strike force.[2]
  • Military Protocol
  • Tactical Analysis

  • Despite being a Navy SEAL, he holds the rank of Colonel, a rank generally associated with the Army, Marines and Air Force. The Navy equivalent would be Captain.



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