Richard "Rick" Flag was an accomplished fighter pilot during World War II. Due to his hardened and committed service record, Flag was chosen by his superiors to lead the Suicide Squadron, a expendable unit of convicted soldiers. He was able to disciplined the unruly soldiers, molding them into a far more effective combat unit than before. After the end of the war, Flag married Sharon Race, a cousin of Flag's old friend Jeb Stuart.

By 1951, following the disbandment of the Justice Society of America, Flag was summoned by President Harry Truman to once again lead the Suicide Squadron's successor the Suicide Squad under Task Force X. Around this time Flag sired his son Richard Rogers Flag, whom he instilled him the same values that he instilled in the men who served under him.

When his son was eight years old, Sharon died when she gave her life to push her child out of the way of a moving car. The tragedy devastated Flag. Two years after his wife's death, Flag ultimately sacrificed his life in destroying a rampaging War Wheel by crashing his jet into the war machine.




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