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Richie Foley was the best friend of Virgil Hawkins.

After the Big Bang, Richie came up with the idea of being a super hero.

Over time, he began growing jealous of Static's powers, and yearned powers of his own. He joined Ragtag's gang; Ragtag had the ability to grant others superpowers for a brief period.

Over the years, Richie was exposed to Quantum Vapor residue that was on Static. It boosted his brain capacity, and made him a technopath.

When the Big Bang Antidote was released into the atmosphere, Richie felt his powers leave him along with the other Bang Babies. However, due to exposure to the last canister of Bang Gas, he and Static regained their powers - potentially along with others. He then decided to create a cure for the antidote just for the two of them, allowing them to keep their powers even if another wave of the antidote was released.



  • All Gear's powers were strategical or tactical, rather than offensive. This meant he had to rely on equipment. He was considered little threat by most brawn-centered villains; only intelligent villains such as Doctor Odium and Brainiac saw his full threat. It should also be noted that his gadgetry demands fast mental processing of data, making Gear virtually the only person capable of operating it.


  • Back-Pack: A supercomputer with a neural link to Gear that could cling to his back, or walk on four legs. It had in-built tracking and analyzing equipment.


  • Jet-Blades: Roller skates with built-in jet rockets.
  • Jet-Boots: Boots with jet rockets, which granted him the ability of flight.
  • Jet-Board: A flying surfboard.


  • Zap-Cap, Mark II: Tiny grenades that could eject a constricting wire.


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