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Dick Grayson is Nightwing (and formerly, Robin), the first sidekick to Batman.


Dick Grayson was part of a circus family, dubbed the "Flying Graysons" for their death-defying stunts and acrobatics. After a performance that Batman was in attendance to, Dick was left an orphan by the hands of the mob after they cut the Grayson's tightrope mid-performance. Feeling sympathy for the child, Wayne decided to take the boy in as his own and treat him as family. Eventually, Wayne gained enough respect and trust for Grayson that he bestowed him the great secret of his true identity, even going as far as to train the acrobat and develop a new sidekick - Robin.

Early Career

The new dynamic duo worked together on multiple missions, the two of them stopping a gang war between Bane and the Joker at least once.[1] After years of partnership, Dick grew tired of Bruce's power over him and his strict personality. Eventually he left Batman to fight crime on his own, and developed a new alias - Nightwing. Although he became his own hero, he continued to fight crime alongside the Dark Knight, constantly offering any help to his mentor and former partner.

Defending Wayne Manor

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While Bruce Wayne was locked inside Arkham City, minions of the Riddler attacked Wayne Manor to try and loot its valuables. Nightwing, however, had expected something of this nature and quickly disposed of the intruders, defending his mentor's home while Batman dealt with the abomination of the super prison. Later, in the armory, T.Y.G.E.R. security guards attacked Nightwing, though they met a similar fate as the Riddler's thugs.[2]

The Arkham Knight

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Several months after the Joker's death during Batman's assault on Arkham City, the Penguin moved his weapons-dealing operations to Nightwing's home city of Bludhaven. Nightwing, having fought the Penguin alongside Batman before, worked to eradicate the crime boss' control in Bludhaven.

Soon, the criminal known as the Scarecrow resurfaced in Gotham and worked to build an alliance with all of Batman's rogues in order to arrange one final assault on the vigilante. As part of his plan, Scarecrow requested that Poison Ivy partake, but, however, was recently detained in Bludhaven. Harley Quinn was sent to rescue Isley and, despite Nightwing's best efforts to stop her, escaped back to Gotham.[3]

Having recovered from his loss to Harley Quinn, Nightwing returned to Gotham during Scarecrow's play for the city on Halloween. Grayson was in the process of tracking down the Penguin because of his weapon deals and soon found himself once again fighting side by side with Batman. Together, Batman and Nightwing shut down all of Penguin's weapon caches before Nightwing was accidentally captured by Penguin at his final holdout. Batman, then, rescued his protege from Penguin and parted ways with his adopted son, knowing that they would possibly never see each other again.[4]




  • Nightwing has the least amount of downloadable skins out of all the playable characters in Batman: Arkham City. He has two: his original and a DCAU variant.



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