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Dick Grayson is the legal ward of millionaire Bruce Wayne and the crimefighting partner of Batman best known as Robin the Boy Wonder.

Dick Grayson is the determined, youthful ward and best friend of millionaire Bruce Wayne. It is unknown how this relationship came to be, or what became of Dick's parents. Nevertheless, he looks up to Bruce as any son would a father, and tries to learn as much as he can from Mr. Wayne. He also hones his crime fighting skills by working alongside Batman as Robin, the Boy Wonder. Dick has many hobbies to pass the long afternoons in Wayne Manor, such as his tuba and piano lessons, and also his bird calls.

Robin is strong willed, courageous and shows determination. He is ready to drop everything to help Batman fight crime. Best known for his constant "Holy" catch phrases such as "Holy Jack-In-The-Box" and "Holy Long John Silver". He lived at Wayne Manor with Bruce Wayne, Alfred (Bruce's butler) and Aunt Harriet. As Dick Grayson, he was a student and head of the council at Woodrow Roosevelt High School.

While fighting crime with Batman, the Caped Crusader always helped Robin with his studies such as Mathematics and Languages.




  • He attends Woodrow Roosevelt High School.[14]
  • Dick is at least 16 years old by the beginning of season 3, as in "Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin", Dick gets his driver's license.



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