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Quote1.png I've watched the Lords do terrible things. Kill a lot of people. My friends included. I can't sit around and let them do it to another timeline. Bruce wouldn't let them. Quote2.png
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Dick Grayson worked as a commander in the Justice Lords Task Force.

Dick Grayson was a protégé of Batman under the alias "Nightwing." After the Justice Lords took over, he retired from heroics[1] and joined their task force, rising to the rank of commander.[2] In his personal life, he married Barbara Gordon[3] and the two had a son named John.[4]

Dick Grayson meets Terry McGinnis

When a new Batman teleported into Gotham City, Grayson and the J.L.T.F. confronted him. Dick was able to hit him with an EMP, deactivating his Batsuit, but the interloper escaped.[2] They later met up with Superman at Wayne Manor to ambush Batman and Terry McGinnis. The pair were captured and Superman seemingly executed Batman, horrifying Grayson.[5]

On the way back to base, they witnessed Batman turn into a stone, realizing he had faked his death. Grayson and his associates discussed the fate of McGinnis, shaking Dick that the delinquent would likely be lobotomized. Shortly afterwards, Batman returned to rescue McGinnis. He knocked out most of the responding officers and tried to appeal to Dick, who was skeptical until Batman revealed Lord Batman's Synthetic Kryptonite.[6] The three faked Dick's kidnapping and went to his loft. They formulated a plan to get Batman back to Earth 12, which the Lords planned to conquer. They broke into the Justice Lords Watchtower and activated the Lords' interdimensional portal, sending Batman home.[7] Batman ended up being successful, with him and his allies defeating Superman. Dick then took Terry under his wing, training him to become Bruce's successor.[8]




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