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Nightwing, or Dragon-Slayer, was one of the only heroes left alive after Barbatos and his Dragons of the Bat destroyed the multiverse.

Nightwing was once trained by a Batman to be a hero, alongside others such as Duke Thomas. When Barbatos took corrupted the Justice League and tacked the multiverse, Dick was one of the last people to see Duke flee into the multiverse. Nightwing survived the assault and Barbatos's "Deathwave", forced to scavenge the wasteland, allying with other surviving heroes such as The Flash and Hawkgirl.

Years later, Duke returned from the multiverse, after trying and failing to stop the Deathwave. Nightwing saved him from an attack by the Dragons of the Bat, and led him to the other heroes. Duke rallied the former heroes into a new Justice League, hoping to stop the Dragons before the end of everything. Despite initial hesitation, the team followed Duke into battle, with Dick giving his life to stop Kryptothrax.



  • Parall-Axe: Made or stolen by Dick after the fall of Earth, the Parall-Axe is a hybrid of an axe and guitar, forged from ingots made of the last Power Rings.



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