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Quote1.png Robin will always by the back half of "Batman and--". As long as I wear this same costume that I've worn since I was eight... I keep playing a role I'd long ago outgrown. Quote2.png
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Dick Grayson originally took the codename Robin as the protege of Batman.

Alongside fellow sidekick Kid Flash, he founded the superhero team the Teen Titans. Years later, Dick decided he wanted wanted to move out of his mentor's shadow and retired as Robin. He noticed that his words on apprenticeship resonated with fellow Titan Terra and went to have a talk with her. Unfortunately, this led to her turning on her mentor and then the Titans herself. Robin and Kid Flash were forced to end their retirements and kept her away from civilians until backup in the form of Superman arrived, but Terra killed them in the meantime by impaling them both in the chest.




  • He was in a relationship with Starfire up until his death.



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