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A middle-aged Dick Grayson reclaimed the Robin mantle and becomes Red Robin, not at the side of his former mentor Batman, but rather with Superman's Justice League.

His uniform is closer to Batman's in design, rather than any previous Robin uniform. Age has not slowed him down, as he possesses all of his stealth and fighting skills. He has a daughter with Starfire; Mar'i Grayson (Nightstar).

He is part of the Justice League's first mission back, where they subdue the Americommando from slaughtering refugees gathering on Liberty Island. He stealthily takes out the Brain Trust from behind. Despite helping the League in apprehending and imprisoning rogue metahumans at the Gulag, Grayson has serious doubts over having the most powerful and dangerous individuals such as Von Bach also incarcerated, and believed that it would only makes things worst. Unfortunately, Grayson's worries came true when the Gulag inmates rioted and escaped, leading to a battle between the inmates and the League. Grayson was wounded by 666 but was carried away to safety by Nightstar before the U.N. dropped a nuclear bomb on the Gulag. He recuperated at Wayne Manor and finally reconciled with Bruce Wayne over their differences they had in the past and become friends again.


  • According to Kingdom Come / Revelations the Red Robin identity was to invoke the familiar names of classical folk heroes such as Rob Roy or Robin Hood.
  • The Red Robin alias became part of the mainstream universe when it was promoted in the Countdown event in which Jason Todd used the identity before discarding it along with the suit, where it was found by Ulysses Armstrong, who was currently operating as Anarky. He used the Red Robin suit to antagonize Tim Drake, who eventually used the cowl from the suit to protect a burn injury on his head. He would later adopt the whole costume and persona after the events of Battle for the Cowl.



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