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Dick Grayson was Batman's first Robin, until he was fired for incompetence. In adulthood, he became the second Joker.

All Star

Dick Grayson was the youngest member of a family of trapeze artists known as the Flying Graysons. While touring in Gotham City, a local mobster named Jocko-Boy Vanzetti murdered Dick's parents, leaving the boy an orphan. The costumed vigilante the Batman dealt with Jocko, leaving the corrupt Gotham City Police Department to canvas the area. The GCPD took Dick Grayson into their care and he told them that he could identify his parents' killer. This was not information that the police really wished to see spread about. They prepared to terrorize Grayson when a wave of bats descended upon them. The Batman arrived on the scene in the Batmobile, snatching up young Grayson while the cops tried to fend off the frenetic bats. Grabbing Grayson by the shirt collar, he snarled, "On your feet, soldier. You've just been drafted. Into a war."[1]

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The Dynamic Duo

Batman proved to be twice as intimidating as any common criminal. Though terrified of him, Dick found the courage within himself to go on. Batman began training him in guerrilla warfare and instructed him to develop a secret identity for himself. Inspired by legends of Robin Hood, Dick decided to assume the name the Hood. Batman quickly showed him how wearing a hood was actually a liability in battle, and told him to drop the "Hood". He was now just "Robin".

Batman soon discovered however, that Robin's internal trauma was actualizing itself through the young boy's actions. During a chance encounter with the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Robin flew into a frenzy, nearly killing the elder hero. At this point, Batman realized that Dick had yet to come to terms with the deaths of his parents.[2]

The Dark Knight Strikes Again

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"Joker" murders the Guardian

Years afterwards, Dick was known to have been fired by Batman in disgrace for gross incompetence. He went through an experimental procedure that made him nigh immortal through cellular regeneration, and he was actually driven insane. He became the second Joker after the original one, and murdered several retired superheroes, including the Creeper and the Guardian. After attempting to kill Catgirl, Batman finally killed him by throwing him into lava and extinguishing all of his cells simultaneously.


  • Regeneration: At some point, Dick underwent extreme gene therapy that can heal his body from fatal damage. His regenerative abilities were so great he practically became immortal. Not even getting his head cut off can stop him. The only surefire way of killing him is by destroying all traces of him at once, which is what Batman did when he dropped Dick into lava.[3]
  • Resurrection: Now practically immortal from the gene therapy, Dick can come back from the dead. Catgirl used thermite, acid, and C4 to tear Dick's body apart, but he was still able to return.[4]


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: The gene therapy that made Dick immortal also drove him insane. In his madness, he took up the title of the Joker and killed several retired superheroes.



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